Beauty that moves us

Beauty that moves us

These last few months, we’ve been on the move, to say the least. After traveling around the US and with our minds constantly at work moving forward with 27 Rosiers, we’ve had to put a lot of thought into what this “on the move” lifestyle means. To us. We kept thinking about movement, about how it’s inherent to our being, to our nature. 

Movement vs Action

Like so many people, we both spend much time bent over our computers, our phones, our work. Too much time in planes, as well, and on the road, dealing with jet lag, running from one meeting to the next, figuring out how to include healthy and reflective breaks in a day. Too much time playing musical chairs with our calendar slots trying to schedule when to fuel our bodies, when to nurture our souls. The more we’re on the move, the less we seem to have time to work out, it seems, even though both of us love to work out. Ok, we don’t always love it. But we love how we feel every time we do, every time we challenge ourselves.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” said Pablo Picasso

And yet, lately, it seems the more active we are, the easier it is to become restless. Forget working out. Our bodies are simply not getting the movement they need. And by movement, we don’t mean Jane Fonda’s workout tapes, which we only mention because Jane Fonda rules. We got to thinking about her because we got to thinking how much we miss going to dance as often as we used to. It’s not surprising several of our moodlifters are dancers. Everyone in our team loves dancing as a form of expression, a form of art, and a way of life.

Movement is Life

While we were doing some research on movement (jet lag is great in the sense it keeps us awake at times when reading and exploring the web are your best options), we stumbled upon a quote that seems to find its way across the Internet: “Exercise is optional. Movement is essential.” We followed the trail of these extremely inspiring words and ended up discovering Frank Forencich’s website Exuberant Animal. Forencich is an internationally-recognized health expert, a trainer, a speaker, a creator, and the founder of Exuberant Animal.

Exuberant: Full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness

Exuberant animals… That’s how Forencich sees Humans. Exuberant animals who have the power to adapt throughout their lives. We’ve been reading his work, and have found it fascinating, in that it promotes movement and challenge as a way of life, a connection to Nature and to our natural habitat: the world. We’re just getting started exploring his theories, but we’re intrigued, and wanted to share our interest with you.

To be moved, to marvel, to feel…

In the end, this post is about reminding ourselves that movement is key when looking to connect with the beauty of Life. Our bodies in motion are essential to life itself. And the movements of our souls allow us to grow. So let’s challenge ourselves. Let’s walk, run, move, embrace the world from the inside out. Let’s find time to dance. Oh, and let’s remember Abraham Lincoln’s wise words: “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” 

With love, from the inside out!

Steph & Kev