Hello Moodboosters!

We've been travelling for weeks, now, spending time in NY, Boston, Dallas, San Diego, LA, SF, Seattle, Chicago and Washington, refining our understanding of the clean beauty market. What was supposed to be a series of business meetings turned into the most exciting road trip ever. More than a trip, an adventure, a wild journey!

Meeting store managers and salespeople got us beyond impressed and excited. Based on the feedback we’re getting so far, "instant visible results" could well become a hashtag (a #reallylonghashtag #pride)!

On our way back to NY, we both felt like now was the time to start Le Journal. This page is meant to keep you updated with what we’re up, it’s a place where we can gather our thoughts and share with you what 27 Rosiers is bringing into our lives, and yours. Our plan is to post weekly, with news, info, events and the occasional article or research we stumble upon.

So what ARE we up to? Well, we’ve got a bunch of interviews lined up, and that’s huge, and we love it. But more importantly, more essentially, we will be at Credo on Prince Street, next week, on Tuesday, from 7 to 9pm. The plan is to meet our early adopters and the press and celebrate the launch of this clean and beautiful baby!

Sure, it's the end of our road trip, but we know it’s going to mark a new beginning. To us, it’s a dream come true, the result of hard work and demanding choices. We’ve built something we hope will make a lot of people happy.

So come on over, let’s meet, let’s talk, let’s celebrate, before we return to Paris and move on to the next steps of the 27 Rosiers adventure.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Steph & Kevin