Finding homes away from home, even for a day…

Finding homes away from home, even for a day…

We’re back in the US, with a series of upcoming events that have us batting our eyelashes in ecstasy.

We were introduced to Irène Olczak (@__irenette__), founder of maison Paulette, a few months ago thanks to our Parisian digital-savvy friend Sarra (merci @sarramessaoudi). We’re fans, of course, of Paulette magazine, of the values it carries and, well, of pretty much anything Paulette whips up. So imagine our excitement when we were invited to participate play in Paulette’s New York apartment, with Fashion Week as the perfect backdrop for their 10-year anniversary party! The Paulette Apartment was open from September 6 to 11, by invitation only. Every day, new activities were carried out with partner brands and collectives, young talents and personalities that the Paulette team had chosen to support in order to give them a better visibility.

As our plus ones, we brought a couple of our all-time favorite people together for some tender loving goodness. This particular Monday morning turned out to be a suspended moment of time, if you will, which we used to reboot our senses and get our inner glow activated, before this crazy week’s start. And a reboot it was.

We got there early to meet everyone, including one of our moodlifters, Mat (@forgetmat). We talked briefly about 27 Rosiers and the way we contribute to the wellbeing scene, before diving head first with a few inside out beauty rituals. There’s nothing quite like an express mini-facial using Here We Glow Again and Quench My Thirst to get you in the mood for a sound meditation with Duddha (@dudalouro) & Franck Raharinosy (@pingpongfranck). Once everyone felt relaxed, in tune with the bountiful universe, Duddha and Mat treated us to a Wakeup Guitar & Singing session. There was dancing. There was joy. There were juices and bites to ensure sustenance. There was… bliss. It was pure bliss. Enough said.

The feedback was another gift in itself. Erica Choi (@eggcanvas), Amanda Hogan Haydon (@hausofhogan) and Morgan Von Steen (@mvonsteen) shared their experience about 27 Rosiers. They’re totally in tune with our concept, and were especially taken with the 27 Rosiers fragrance and the different textures of our skincare. Unanimously, they raved about Here We Glow Again. To say they made us happy would be an understatement.

The rest of the week will be spent spreading the love ignited this morning. Think of this as our “we love spirulina” tour. Which reminds us, we need to tell you about spirulina’s magic. More on spirulina in an upcoming post. Where were we? More importantly, where are we going and when will we meet you?

We’re headed to Follain, this coming Thursday, at their West Village location, with more of our scrumptious 27 Rosiers mini-facials sessions, followed with an evening event because NYFW deserves to be celebrated greatly.

Next, we got to hit Follain and Credo in Boston, and since we love both Follain and Credo and looooove Boston, we brought you, yes, more mini-facials. Letting you test our products is the best possible way of understanding the 27 Rosiers glow we keep bringing up. So oui, oui, oui, more mini-facials. Sunday in Boston promised to be extra special and was everything we hoped it would be: we attended our first Open Newbury, which meant meeting more of you, which meant, well, more bliss.

We’ve got a couple more dates coming up. We’ll be at Credo in San Francisco today, Credo in San Diego on September 18 and at Credo in Chicago September 19-20!

Meet us when and if you can. We’d love to see you.

Steph & Kev