One Year, One Love, 27 Rosiers

One Year, One Love, 27 Rosiers

One Year, One Love

Two years of research and testing and not sleeping much. In June 2019, with an exhilarating joy in our hearts, we launched 27 Rosiers. 12 months of travels across the US, beautiful human encounters, invaluable professional experience.

So, one year later, what have we learned?

Well, a lot. This year taught us to believe in your ideas. To stand by our values. To ensure that kindness and sharing remain at the heart of our actions and relationships. Always. Amongst our team and with everyone out there.

This last year also taught us to adapt, respectfully. Even when you’ve planned everything ahead, the unforeseeable can storm in and ask you to turn around and figure out a plan B. We learned that sometimes, issues and goals larger than your little world must be prioritized.

Choose your friends wisely

Getting your attention amidst the plethora of offers was our initial endeavor. We’re grateful for all the help we received. Our Moodlifters lifted our mood and gave us wings. Our partners, from Credo to Follain, made everything clearer and sharper. Thank you.

Seeing the response to our products, in which we’d poured our souls and aspirations, well… There’s no words, really, to describe how that felt. Every order makes us giddy. Every feedback makes us dance in the little Paris apartment where it all started.

What’s next?

Well, there’s much to come, even if, these last few weeks, we’ve been focused on the global social movement that’s taken the world by storm. 27 Rosiers has been inclusive from the start. Beauty has no color, beauty is every color, and we gender-freely love caring for black skin, brown skin and light skin equally. But we did our homework. We checked our privilege. We had some heart to heart team conversations to see how we could even better. And we are committed.

Finding our audience in the US, which has the highest standards in terms of clean beauty, was our initial goal. If we could make it there, we’d make it… You know the song. Then came our online store. And now… well, hello and bonjour, la France. We’ve decided to launch 27 Rosiers here, at home. We’re ready.

In the works and a few perks

We’ve also been developing a rich, powerful face cream with our wonderful lab. It meets, no, it exceeds our expectations. It will be out in a few months. More on that soon.

To celebrate our first anniversary, we’re offering you a few perks. We’ll share the info on Instagram, like always.

Onward and upward

We look forward to what the next year has to offer. And we thank you, from our heart, for making everything that has happened… real.

Merci !
Stephanie, Kevin, and everyone at 27 Rosiers.